Environment and safety

Since the raw materials used by Lydra are eco-sustainable, low environmental impact is guaranteed.

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Our commitment to respect for the environment

Lydra’s decision to operate within the ambit of water-based chemical products, by exploiting new technologies and abandoning use of potentially harmful solvents, reflects the company’s firm commitment to the principle of fully respecting the environment, and providing environmental safeguards during all its operations.


The raw materials used by Lydra are eco-sustainable, thus ensuring low environmental impacts. These materials are used in such a manner as to ensure personal health and safety.
Opting for water-based chemical products was more than just a business decision. It was a turning point, based also on our concern over the wellbeing of our children and of the environment in which we live.


Lydra works within the huge global market for chemicals. We are a ‘drop’ in that ocean, and our aim is to become an ocean in our own right – at a time in which we must all pay greater attention to how we use the raw materials available to us.


Lydra has invested in certifications providing guarantees of conformity with the highest international standards. Accordingly, the company already complies with regulations which are not yet mandatory in Italy.
This policy has enabled Lydra to achieve two goals. On the one hand, we have protection of the environment and safeguards for personal safety and wellbeing. On the other, we provide our customers with services and products of excellence, conforming to the highest quality standards.


Lydra’s conduct leads to lower direct and indirect environmental costs, and enhances staff efficiency.

Environmental Management System Certification
ISO 14001

Environmental Certification is an international standard than can be applied to all types of public or private organisations. Implementing ISO 14001 on a corporate level ensures that a management system has been set up which is capable of satisfactorily curbing the environmental impacts of corporate activities while systematically working toward ongoing improvement.
ISO 14001 certification is not mandatory. Companies obtaining this certification are those which have decided to voluntarily establish, actuate and maintain, or improve, their environmental management systems.

OHSAS 18001 certification 

(Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), setting forth the requisites of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System by compliance with current regulations governing workplace dangers and possible risks.
Lydra decided to obtain this certification as a means of safeguarding and promoting the health and safety of all stakeholders in the company’s activities.