About us

Lydra srl is one of the first Italian companies to specialise in water-based chemical products.

immagine di laboratorio Lydra

Lydra led the way, but we knew there were many more challenges ahead of us!
Adoption of environmental measures, certified through use of eco-sustainable materials, is only the starting point for a company such as ours which has displayed its ability to re-interpret market needs by exploiting its expert technical staff’s know-how, while fully complying with the needs of environmental sustainability.


Lydra serves a vast customer base. It is a widely known partner whose reputation is based on decades of experience within the chemicals sector.


Lydra strives on a daily basis to meet the production needs of companies that produce and sell chemical products.


Whether dealing in mixtures or finished products, Lydra ensures flexible service by providing not only products on demand based on specific requests but also its own standard products.

We constantly provide technical assistance to our customers at all stages of processes (analysis, development, tests and production).

Founded in 2003, Lydra teams up with operators in various industrial sectors including tanning and footwear, bodywork, construction and products for the home (marble, wood, synthetic materials).

Lydra’s decision to invest in the sector of water-based chemical products came out of the company’s determination to protect the environment and ensure personal safety at all times.
Lydra’s innovative approach was then followed up by many other producers (such practices are now fairly widespread). Environmental wellbeing and the provision of environmental safeguards are fields of responsibility which can no longer be ignored by our business community.


Environmental and safety policy   

Lydra has always carefully assessed the impacts of its activities on the surrounding environment.
The management and production parameters adopted as a part of Lydra’s policies reflect the company’s determination to protect the environment and ensure personal safety at all times.