Water-based chemical products for various sectors. Production of items tailored to specific customer requests.

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Application sectors

Lydra produces water-based chemical products for various sectorsi:

  1. Tanning
  2. Footwear
  3. Bodywork
  4. Construction
  5. Home maintenance and care
  6. Products for marble




Customized products

The products which Lydra’s customers require may be of a specific type or may require customised production procedures:

01. Dispersions

Dispersions are mixtures of two or more components, one of which is present in a prevailing quantity (dispersing phase). This phase disperses the other components (dispersed phases).
Dispersing means a product in powder form is changed into a liquid product.

  • Dispersions of loads of various types
  • Dispersions of waxes
  • Dispersions of silica
  • Dispersions of resins

02. Emulsions 

Emulsions are dispersions of truly minute particles of a liquid in another liquid, in which the particles do not blend homogeneously:

  • Emulsions of paraffin waxes
  • Emulsions of waxes in neutral and coloured pastes

03. Additives

Additives are all substances, natural or chemical, which are added to a product to improve or modify it.

  • Thickening agents
    (auxiliary agents which increase the viscosity of a product)
  • Levelling agent
    (auxiliary agents for improved levelling of a product)
  • Feel modifiers
    (auxiliary agents, generally waxy or silicone, which modify a surface)

04. Fixing agents

Fixing agents are products applied during the final stage of treatment of a surface.

05. Solution of natural and synthetic resins

(acrylic, PU, caseins)
These are mixtures or solutions of acrylic or polyurethane resins, or resins of protein origin.

06. Stuccos

Stuccos are used for plastering and, therefore, for rendering surfaces uniform.

07. Water-repellent substances

Ranges of products which protect surfaces from water, and which provide full protection against absorption of liquids.

08. Polish and size for footwear

Products used on footwear to soften, polish or create another effect.

09. Professional cleaning products

Products for cleaning and conserving surfaces.

10. UV products

Photocatalytic products which, during the chemical process, are catalysed by means of UV light.