Research and development

Innovation and research are the fundamental starting points in the process of creation of Lydra products.

immagine di laboratorio Lydra

Our facilities respond to customer demands for top quality water-based chemical products, which we develop for all sectors.
On the strength of the specialist training of our technical laboratory staff and the know-how that we have accumulated within this sector, Lydra is in a position to analyse and successfully respond to all demands.

Lydra’s avant-garde installations and facilities
are capable of meeting all the needs of our customer base. We have the skills and know-how required to provide products also based on our customers’ recipes, or products to replace the raw materials of items and to transform potentially harmful items.

The tasks of our highly qualified technical staff, specialised in the chemicals and analysis sector, are always undertaken in conformity with our policy of respect for the environment. Control tests are conducted constantly, thus ensuring all quality guarantees.