Customer services

Lydra ensures customer services on demand. We tailor our activities to fit in with corporate needs and the needs of various industrial sectors.

immagine di laboratorio Lydra

This methodology concretely aids our customers who no longer need to face up to the many problems encountered when seeking to certify their products.
The expertise and professional approach of Lydra’s staff are directed toward the constant search for new products and solutions.


The experience and know-how that we have accumulated on a day-to-day basis enable Lydra to provide a flexible service that ensures rapid responses to increasingly specific and particular demands.

Technical support

Technical support is provided during all stages of processing and analysis. This means we can follow products up as they develop. We ensure assistance even at the post-sale stage, thus providing our customers with a fully comprehensive, customised range of services.

Lydra can provide

  • production tailored to specific product requests
  • production tailored to recipes provided by our customers
  • design and production of new, complete product lines
  • replacement of raw materials
  • transformation of harmful products into harmless products